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The village

Casal di Pari is a small village (about 150 inhabitants) in high tuscan Maremma, located on a 470 metres hill, along the Siena-Grosseto road, near the termal baths of Petriolo, not far from the seaside and the Amiata mountain.

Formerly it was one of the small centres of the Ardengheschi family that later came under the control of Siena.

Only a small square overlooked by terraces and arches and some narrow streets are the remains of the ancient village.  The original Casale consisted of few houses for farmers, and the building today called “The Bishop’s residence” (formerly the bishop of Siena used to stop at Casal di Pari while going to visit Grosseto and coming back).


The fifteenth-century church of San Donato, built in the XVth century, was completely restructured in 1700. The bell-tower, destroyed by a thunderbolt, was rebuilt about 1955. The inside and the outside of the church are characterized by great simplicity. Of particular interest is the stone inserted sideways above the jams that support the side door, the Porta degli Uomini. On this stone you can see the remains of an inscription “S. Monachi De Ecclesis Vaecto” (“Taken from the Church of Santo Monaco”). This stone probably came from the ancient convent in Val d’Aspra dedicated to Saint Antony.

Until last world war the village had about 400 inhabitants working in agricolture, woods and mines (antimony, copper and argentiferous lead). Now all the mines are closed for lack of minerals.

Today Casale, an ancient village hidden within the woods, is a place where you can breath a clean and healthy fresh air. The woods are full of oaks, chestnuts, arbutus … and there are also many animals: wild boars, roe-bucks, foxes, pheasants … In a little lake of the Farma valley you can find the alpin triton.

Near the village (about 7 kilometres) you can see Belagaio, an ancient castle in Farma valley, built to protect the numerous ironworks along the Farma river.Now the castle – in the middle of a natural reserve – is a state property. Near the castle there is an interesting cave (the Tomb) that you can visit only asking a permission to the forest officers and guided by a spelaeologist.

Casal di Pari is inside of the Montecucco wine area, a very qualified viticultural context: the area is near glamorous wine names like Brunello of Montalcino, Morellino of Scansano, S. Antimo and Monteregio of Massa Marittima.

“Montecucco” is a new name (1998) including several very qualified kinds of wines: red, sangiovese, white and vermentino.